Chromark Poster Paint: Gallon - Ignite the Leader Within

Chromark Poster Paint: Gallon



Quart of Ink

The fun and easy way to create signs, banners, and posters without the mess and clean-up of conventional paint kits.

No brushes to clean, just drop the brush back into the  color  coded ink well, replace the caddy top and you are done!

Color Options: 

Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple, Blue,Green, Brown, Black, Hot Pink,

Magenta, Old Gold, Wine, Lime Green, Teal, Light Blue, Grey

About Chromark: 

Chromark Corp. was established in 1960 first known as Rocky Mountain Advertising. We manufacture sign making equipment for schools, churches and businesses. In 1974, we developed the water based ink called Chromark. We still have some of the same dealers since we went to the water based ink. 

Used by cheerleaders, pep clubs, boosters, teacher, and students. Great for school & holiday posters, bulletin boards, & borderettes.

1 pint of ink will make about 500 posters (20 x 30 inches). Poster cost is about 3 cents each for ink. Chromark products are guaranteed for quality and durability.