Leadership and Empowerment Quotes Book

Leadership and Empowerment Quotes Book




I hope that you are as excited as I am about the power and wisdom that you will attain as you read through these awesome quotes.  You have probably heard quotes before and said something to yourself like “that sounded nice” or “wow, pretty cool quote.”  After reading the quote, you also probably forgot about it and went on with your daily life.  Well, I am challenging you to take it a step further and read each quote at least three times.  After reading the quote, stop and really think about what it means.  More importantly, think about how you can apply this quote to your life by considering what the author is trying to say, and why he/she said it.  Lastly, pick some of your favorite quotes and memorize or internalize them.  Once you have done this you can use the quote in a given situation to help, encourage, motivate, inspire, and guide you in a positive direction.  Think of these quotes as tools that you can pull out of your “mental tool chest” and use to make your life more productive and successful.


All of the quotes in this book are directly or indirectly related to leadership or empowerment.  Some of the quotes are short and some are lengthy, but no matter what the length, they each have a very powerful message.  I would suggest that you read a page or two of quotes a day.  Don’t read too many at once or you really will not have the time to ponder upon them.  There are many “golden nuggets” contained within each of these sayings.  It’s your job to pull out these “golden nuggets” and use them to help you become the great leader that I know you are capable of becoming. 

Happy “gold” hunting.